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Why Having Access to Master-Level Technicians Makes a Difference

Not all masters practice Kung-fu. Did you know that the auto mechanics at Avid AutoWerx in Cincinnati are masters at Japanese auto care? Do you know that makes a difference to you? While this might be common sense to you, bear with us for the sake of ensuring you get the very best in service no matter where you go; it can be very helpful to know some of what to look for in a great auto mechanic/technician. When we start throwing the word ‘master’ around, then it becomes even more serious as well as more likely that you are honing in on the best for you and your vehicle.
When you take your Japanese vehicle into a generalist garage, it can be difficult for them to pinpoint the problem, because Japanese cars are not made like European or American. The result for you is that often times you end up having to bring your car back for the same problem and paying for it again. Another scenario is you taking it to multiple auto repair shops and each one comes up with their own unique diagnosis without really getting to the bottom of the actual problem. Having your vehicle diagnosed at multiple shops can become incredibly expensive on its own. Not to mention incredibly frustrating.

When you identify a shop that specializes in your specific brand of vehicle, you will have a much better chance of them being able to quickly and accurately assess what the heck is wrong with your car! It gets even better when that shop has master level auto technicians. At Avid AutoWerx, our master techs have decades of experience. They have also worked hard to be the best among the best and it shows in the work they perform and the sheer number of satisfied customers we see every day.

When you work with master technicians, they know their way around your car and they have the skills, experience, and ability to be able to put information together that your average auto mechanic is not able to do. They see connections and understand the nuances of an automobile through the eyes of a true craftsman.

Partnering with a master-level technician means that you will get the best performance and greatest longevity from your vehicle possible. It also means saving money in the long run because you get to the heart of the matter far sooner than if you take your car to Joe Shmoe at Generalist Auto Shop down the road. It’s really that simple.

Questions to ask your next mechanic:

How long have you been working on cars? Experience matters.
Why do you do it? Look for someone who’s passionate about what he/she does because it matters in the work they produce.
Find out if they specialize in your make/model. If they don’t, think again.
Are they willing to listen to and answer all of your questions with a smile or at least a certain level of friendliness? If they won’t listen to you, think again. If they won’t take time to help you understand what you need to know about your car, think again.

Your car is a huge investment for you. If you’re driving a Japanese model in the Cincinnati area, stop on into Avid AutoWerx. We have worked hard to distinguish ourselves from the average auto repair shop. Customer service is our number one priority and it starts with offering you master-level auto technicians who specialize in the Japanese brands. Come on in and you will know your Japanese car is in great hands! Make your appointment today!


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