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5 Problems That Lead to Soft Brake Pedals

Many technicians are familiar with the terms soft or spongy brakes. Regardless of what you call it, these brakes equate to being slow-responding and dangerous. When you notice an unusual feeling with your pedal, there's definitely something wrong with one or more of your brake parts.


5 Problems That Cause Soft Brake Pedals

  1. Air in the Brake Lines - Air contamination is one of the most common brake problems that we fix at Avid Autowerx. Air is the ultimate weakness on your brakes. Thankfully, we can repair your leak with no problem.
  2. Low Brake Fluid - Low brake fluid is another prevalent problem behind spongy brakes. Our technicians can check your fluid levels, make the appropriate repairs, and top you off on this solution to ensure you achieve effective braking again.
  3. Worn Cylinder - The brake cylinder is needed to maintain hydraulic pressure to engage the brakes. This type of problem is more common in older vehicles.
  4. Sticky Calipers - Damaged calipers will cause your brake pedal to feel soft. You may notice vehicle pulling and brake screeches when applying the brakes too.
  5. Damaged Brake Lines - The brake lines holding the fluid can get damaged themselves. While this is a less common case, it is not impossible. For those who live in harsh winter climates, rust can develop along the lines and wear down the tubes, causing brake fluid leaks.

You might shrug off soft brakes at first, but it is undoubtedly a cause for concern. Ignoring spongy brakes can put you and others in danger, so please have this problem addressed soon as possible. 


For all your brake service and repairs in Cincinnati, OH, look no further than Avid Autowerx. 

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