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5 Ways to Make Your Vehicle Go Green!

You don't need to go car-less to go green. Instead, you just need to make smarter decisions when it comes to driving. If you're contemplating shifting gears into a more sustainable drive, we've collected a handful of accessible and affordable ways to make an environmental impact with every drive you take.


#1: Invest in Fuel-Efficient Tires

Fuel-efficient tires are a tremendous investment for those who are environmentally conscious. There is a wide range of tires on the market. Some of them are made from safer materials, such as synthetic rubber blends. These tires include low rolling resistance, requiring less energy (gas) to move your car. The extra boost in gas mileage means you're burning less fuel and reducing emissions.


#2: Avoid Idling for Too Long

All of us have left our engines running at one point or another. Letting your car idle may not seem like a huge deal if you're just waiting in the drive-thru line. But when your idling turns into minutes, turning off your car may be the better option to save fuel.


#3: Be Careful With How You Fill Up

The way you pump your gas matters more than you think. Whenever you top off your tank with a little extra after the pump has stopped, you can increase the potential of harmful vapors escaping and releasing into the atmosphere. By overfilling, you risk gasoline coming up through the filler neck and spewing out or getting fuel into the emission canister assembly. The fuel pump stops automatically for a reason, and it's to prevent people from overfilling!


#4: Hit the Car Wash Instead

A few changes to how you wash your vehicle can make a genuine difference. While it may seem wiser to wash your car with a hose and bucket at home, you're actually wasting more water. According to Washos, the at-home method uses 80-140 gallons of water, whereas a commercial car wash uses only about half of that amount.


#5: Preventative Maintenance

A well-kept car equates to an environmentally conscious vehicle. If you're sticking to your suggested maintenance schedule, you're doing your work right already. Regular maintenance services can ensure that your car runs efficiently and thus reducing carbon emissions. Some of the most notable routine maintenance services include changing your oil, replacing spark plugs and wires, and replacing dirty filters.


We hope these tips help you along the way of your journey of being green. If you need to schedule a vehicle maintenance appointment, please give Avid Autowerx a call today.

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