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Can I use Water in Place of Windshield Washer Solvent?

Using water instead of windshield washer solvent is a tempting choice - after all, water is nearly free, available pretty much everywhere, and is much kinder to the environment than washer solvent. That said, if not used correctly, water could damage your water pump, burst the waterline and even leave your windshield susceptible to mold!

Here we take a look at the pros and cons of using water instead of a proprietary washer product, as well as suggest some cut-price DIY washer solutions that could keep your windshield sparkling without the high level of toxicity found in a standard windshield washer product.

The Pros and Cons of Using Water

As already stated, water is cheap, widely available, kind to the environment, and versatile enough to be used in any vehicle.

On the downside, plain water is not going to keep your windshield as clean as a product that contains a detergent or glass cleaner. It's also not going to sanitize your windshield - particularly if you don't regularly use your wipers, a water-washed windshield could end up growing mold or other harmful bacteria.

Importantly, water will freeze in low temperatures. Not only will this mean your windshield will freeze up, but the ice in the waterline and the water pump will also damage them.

Why use Windshield Washer Solvent?

A purpose-formulated windshield washer solvent contains anti-freeze, cleaning agents, and disinfecting agents - everything needed to keep your windshield spotless all year round.

Unfortunately, it's also toxic to wildlife, and harmful if inhaled.

DIY Alternatives

A gallon of distilled water with a cup of glass cleaner in it makes an acceptable alternative to windshield washer solvent for the summer months.

For the winter, try a solution made of a gallon of distilled water mixed with a cup of rubbing alcohol. Remember to leave some of the solution out overnight to check if it freezes; if it does, add another cup of alcohol.

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