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How Often Should I Have My Brake Pads Replaced?

Of all a car's components, brakes perform the most vital function of driver safety. So it goes without saying they need to be well maintained to work at their best. Yet it's often overlooked by motorists who don't always pay attention to the signs. Brake pads and rotors on all types of cars wear out eventually, but brake wear and tear vary based on several factors. The two below being the most common factors:

  1. Your driving habits play a big part. Other than for safety reasons, there's no need to push the brakes aggressively. Braking smoothly as you approach a stop increases the pads' lifespan.
  2. Stop and go traffic in the city is especially hard on your brakes. As is driving frequently through mountainous regions, where you rely on your brakes a lot to control your speed going down.

Signs your brakes need replacing

As a general rule of thumb, most car brake pads need to be replaced after about 50,000 miles. Some need it done before that and some need it after. As mentioned, your driving style and typical routes of commute will play a factor in this. The owner's manual will be the most accurate source for your car's brakes lifespan. Or consult with our experts the next time you take your car in for an annual or miles-related service. The biggest warning signs for a driver that the brake pads are wearing out are as follows:

  1. A squealing or scraping noise. There's nothing more concerning than hearing a grinding metal-on-metal noise as you slow down approaching the traffic lights. At the very bottom of brake pads are small metal hairs. They're there to let the driver know when they are about to run out of grippy material. Book your car in to replace them immediately if you start to hear this sound frequently.
  • Vehicle movement under braking. You may start to notice braking becomes jittery or the car pulls to the left or right under braking. This may mean the rotors are warped. Although there are some fixes, it's less expensive and far safer to just replace the brake rotor along with the pads.

When you drive a vehicle frequently, you should start feeling if the brakes are becoming worn due to loss of performance, or unusual noises. Pay attention to the signs as functioning, reliable brakes are key to you and your family's motoring safety.

If you feel you need brake pad repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop today!

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