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New Year’s Resolutions Around Your Driving Habits

New Year’s Resolutions Around Your Driving Habits

Are you planning on making a New Years Resolution this year? At Avid Autowerx, we’re challenging ourselves, our families, and our customers to add these driving resolutions that center around driving habits to their list:

  • Be the grown up. Somebody’s gotta. When people are rude, give back kindness and consideration. Be courteous, 
  • Be in the right state of mind to drive. Never drive after imbibing alcohol or drugs, including prescription drugs if they don’t recommend you drive.
  • Put away your cell phone. Don’t text, don’t talk, unless you can do it hands free. And even then, try to get in the habit of pulling over to discuss anything more contentious then the price of potatoes.
  • Buckle up. Strap in, and make sure all your passengers are strapped in, and in the right kind of chair (don’t put an infant in a seat belt).
  • Signal. If you are lax on this up until this point, take responsibility for the danger you bring to others and vigilantly use your signals before you begin a lane change on the highway.
  • Come to a complete stop. Rolling stops are dangerous and indicate a lot of other sins you are committing as a driver. Come to the full stop. And signal before moving on.
  • Obey the law. This primarily means the speed limit, but also, don’t switch lanes within 45 feet of an intersection.
  • Don't tailgate. Don’t get too close to the car in front of you. It’s a dangerous exercise, and the only fruit it bears is property damage.
  • Always employ Defensive Driving. Take a course if you’ve never taken one (it will lower your monthly insurance rate).
  • Maintain your car. Keep it in good condition so that you won’t risk hurting someone else with a breakdown moment.

We hope you’ll find some of these resolutions helpful and pertinent. Please join us at Avid Autowerx today! Schedule an appointment with the auto mechanics at Avid Autowerx today! We’re at 5591 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227. We’re Cincinnati's automotive specialists!



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