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Pre-Purchase Inspections: What They Entail and Why They Matter

Today, we were driving around town and noticed we were following three newly-sold cars with the temporary tags. We were a little surprised, but after thinking about it, it makes sense why car purchases are ticking up lately. 

For one, people who can’t afford car payments anymore due to layoffs are selling their used cars.

For another, car dealerships are stuck with inventory they may not be able to move fast enough, so they are slashing prices on their new cars as well as their used car inventory.

Lastly, some people have older cars that are less reliable, so they are taking advantage of all the cars entering the for-sale market.

All these car sales bring up a valid point:  Pre-Purchase Inspections. What do they entail and why do they matter?

Okay, if you are planning to buy a brand new car with a warranty, you don’t need to worry about a pre-purchase inspection. Or at least, you shouldn’t have to. You can skip the rest of this article if you wish.

For the rest of you who are looking at buying a used or pre-owned car, getting a pre-purchase inspection is important if you want to avoid buying a lemon.

Pre-purchase inspections matter bigtime for the potential buyer. Our team of Master-Level technicians have over 60 years of experience so we’ve performed many pre-purchase inspections over the years! We’re not like other shops that just treat clients like a number. It’s important that you feel like you’re getting a car that is in optimal condition. 

When you have Avid Autowerx perform a pre-purchase inspection, it involves the following for a fee:

  1. Complete bumper-to-bumper visual inspection of the vehicle you are thinking about purchasing.
  2. Digital inspection reports detailing the good and the not-so-great aspects of the vehicle’s condition.
  3. Check for full functionality of all systems and inspect for leaks as well.

When you receive our complete inspection, the Avid Autowerx team gives you stronger negotiating power when you talk with the seller. Because we have alerted you to any issues found during the visual inspection, you will have knowledge that will allow you to ask for a lower price or walk away from a poor deal.

Should you decide to purchase the vehicle and it requires some care, the Avid Autowerx team can help. We specialize in high-quality auto repair and will guide you towards options that will help protect your investment. Clients choose us over other shops because of our dedication to always operating with the utmost integrity. When you are ready to start shopping for “new” used cars and you want to protect your hard-earned money, contact Avid Autowerx and schedule your appointment today!


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