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Romance and Car Life in Cincinnati

Romance and Car Life in Cincinnati

Do you remember your first love? 

By first love, I don’t mean the boy or girl that first caught your eye. I mean the first automobile you fell in love with back in your youth. Not the one you saw in a showroom or on a poster, but the one you first could call your own, the one that gave you the freedom to get around. 

We call this nostalgia ‘car life’ when you have a sense of yourself built into the car you own, and it makes its way into your relationship. You may have gained a partner along the way who understands how sentimental that first car is or was and perhaps shares a bit of nostalgia with you for the vehicle where you spend many date nights together.

Although some may find it silly, car life in Cincinnati is alive and well. Last year, Fox 19 produced a beautiful account of a group of Pontiac Trans Am lovers at the Cavalcade of Customs Car Show who share their love of the Trans Am getting to meet and compare stories. It’s a heartwarming tale of people caught up in excitement for a car and each other that managed to stay kindled throughout the years.

As you consider what to do to celebrate St. Valentine’s Day this year, with COVID19 still a going concern, maybe it’s an excellent time to get back to the basics of you, your partner, a starry night, and the freedom of your car. Because you can easily stay home on a cold Valentine’s night, but you might miss out on something special you could do with your partner.

As an example, you could share a picnic in an open field or a park. Pack up your favorite snacks and a blanket or two, and have a meal out under the stars. It’s sure to bring back memories of your first romantic feelings for each other, that independence that driving gave you, and might help you better appreciate the journey you are taking together.

You could also take in a romantic movie at one of the many drive-in theaters still in operation around Cincinnati, such as the Hollywood Drive-In, the Starlite Drive-In, or the Holiday Auto Theater. With some blankets and a pair of lawn chairs, you could snuggle up and watch a movie with the safe social distancing of car lengths around you and others.

Whatever way you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we at Avid Autowerx hope you have a wonderful time sharing it with that person you love and, of course, your best car!


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