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Showing Gratitude For Our Cars

Showing Gratitude For Our Cars

It’s November, and that means the holiday season will kick off soon with the feast of feasts, Thanksgiving. This is the time of year when we all come back from our individual busy lives and spend a holiday weekend with our extended families over parades and football and board games. We gather around a table, a diverse collection of pilgrims, come to give thanks for our safe arrival home one more year.

In some families, though, there are members, young and old, who are vulnerable to disease and can’t risk a full family gathering. That will mean many families will have to skip Thanksgiving this year to protect each other. It’s important to show gratitude when we can for being well enough to see each other for the holiday. 

As we give thanks for all we have this year and for each other, there’s someone you rely on daily who deserves your recognition: your car! Who else braves the weather for you, beats the traffic in on time, and keeps you mild, calm, and entertained while you fight against traffic? 

There are both small things and big things you can do to show gratitude to the vehicle you depend on every day. Among the small thing are:

  • Detailing your car, including a wipedown of the interior and a vacuum of the floormats
  • Getting a pre-holiday inspection, to find out if your car will need anything before the busy holiday season makes repairs difficult to come by
  • Vacuuming leaves and debris from the engine intakes

Beyond that, there are bigger things that your mechanic can do to thank your vehicle:

  • Flushes will clean out debris, fluids, and particulates from the systems of your engine and helps to extend your vehicle’s life
  • Get an alignment if it’s been some time since the last one and your steering isn’t as steady as it once was.
  • Look into winter tires if you will be potentially driving in harsh weather

If you’d like to repay your car’s loyalty with some life-extending services, bring your car into Avid Autowerx today! Schedule an appointment with the auto mechanics at Avid Autowerx today! We’re at 5591 Wooster Pike, Cincinnati, OH 45227. You can call us at (513) 657-2386. We’re Cincinnati's automotive specialists!


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