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The Future of Japanese Cars

Image by Photo Mix from Pixabay 

What exactly will the future of Japanese cars be? 

When we think about the car industry’s future, we typically think of the Japanese being at the forefront of innovation, just as they led the technology industry in the post-WW2 world. The Japanese continued to develop new, extraordinary breakthroughs that we now take for granted, such as digital music. It’s not a giant leap of logic to assume the Japanese will also be at the front of the line where innovation is concerned.

To the outsider, it might appear that the Japanese import market has been playing catch up with Europe and America, outside Toyota’s consistent steps forward. There’s been a reluctance in the Japanese auto market to fully let go of the internal combustion engine (ICE) and embrace hybrid and electric alternatives. Has Japan’s auto industry fallen behind in the significant step forward into the various new kinds of vehicles?

The short answer: of course not. You might accuse the Japanese of playing their cards close to their chest as an industry. However, a look at the 2023 car models of the major manufacturers tells the story: Japan is ready to take over their share of the market– without the increased risk of looking like the only available option. The Japanese auto industry’s commitment towards a no-emissions future has them shutting out even Hybrid designs in favor of a complete focus on a sustainable future for the environment.

Acura & Honda

The Acura ZDX, the first Acura electric SUV, will be introduced in the U.S. in 2024. Just as with Honda, Acura’s previous commitment to Hybrid technology has been discarded, as both brands are working to move buyers to no-emissions technology as soon as possible. For Honda, the 2024 Prologue will be an SUV that will put their EV market on the map in the United States. 



2023 is a big year for Mazda, as they debut the CX-30. Taking careful, cautious steps into EV tech, you can expect Mazda to become a bolder brand as the market shifts and the demand for EVs increases.



The introduction of the Solterra has Subaru welcoming customers towards renewable energy at a calm, safe pace. Chock full of the features Subaru fan love about their cars, the Solterra is the building block upon which Subaru will create their next decade.


Toyota & Lexus

Toyota has been the undisputed leader in converting their business from ICE to EV of all the Japanese brands planning an EV future. With a strong history of hybrid and EV support, Toyotas are uniquely placed to be the limbo bar that other manufacturers use to measure themselves. Their 2023 line is full of hybrid options and three purely EVs, too!

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