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Top Five Things To Do When Facing Big Winter Storms

Top Five Things To Do When Facing Big Winter Storms

While most of us enjoy a beautiful snow dusting, most of us do not enjoy big winter storms. Not by any measure. They can be deadly. There are plenty of ways, though, we can prepare for them in an effort to keep ourselves and others safe. 
Things to do:

  • Don’t drive.
  • Stay indoors and wear warm clothes
  • Prepare for power outages (back up generator, extra batteries, charged cell phones) 
  • Use generators outside only and and nowhere near windows
  • Have a way to listen for emergency information and alerts
  • Watch for signs of hypothermia and frostbite if you absolutely had to go outdoors
  • Check on neighbors, especially the elderly
  • Make sure your emergency kit in your car is up to date with flares, jumper cables, warm clothes, blankets, gloves, shovel, food, water, meds, first-aid kit

Things NOT to do:

  • Try To Heat More Than One Room
  • Heat more than one room
  • Forget about your pets (don’t leave them outdoors!)
  • Try to heat your house with the stove
  • Let your phone die
  • Cook inside with a gas grill
  • Forget to clean out your tailpipe
  • Pretend your pipes won’t freeze
  • What to do if you get stuck in a snowstorm while driving:
  • Don't leave your vehicle
  • Call 911.
  • Make yourself as visible as possible
  • Regularly clean out your tailpipes
  • Don’t run out of gas
  • Do everything to stay warm

The 11 most crucial items to stock up on before a storm

  • Bottled water
  • Canned foods that don’t need to be heated
  • Instant coffee and tea bags (you can even use these with cold water)
  • Pantry staples
  • High-energy foods
  • Chocolate bars and hard candy
  • Pet food
  • Specialty food for infants or the elderly
  • Medications
  • Hygienic supplies
  • Extra utilities



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