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What Are the Signs That You Need A New Car Battery?

Your vehicle battery needs to be clean and in good condition to be able to start your vehicle. Just like your phone battery, your car battery is the source of power for all the electronic accessories throughout your car (radio, lights, power windows, electric power steering, etc.). If your battery is weak or drained, you will likely experience some clear signs. Usually, the average car battery will last approximately 5 to 7 years before you need a replacementDepending on your vehicle, usage, and maintenance, it may last longer or fall apart faster.

Sometimes, using a pair of jumper cables is all you need to have your car up and running again. Nevertheless, car batteries ultimately begin to lose their charging potential or battery health. And eventually, they will need a replacement.


4 Signs of a Dying Battery

1. Trouble Car Starts - The first and most obvious sign that you have troubles with your battery is when you start encountering problems starting up your car. If you need to grab the jumper cables a little too often, then it may be better to pay a visit to the auto repair shop.

2. Flickering/Dimming Lights - Another common symptom of a faulty battery is that your interior and exterior lighting may appear fainter than usual. They may also flicker in some cases.

3. Dashboard Warning Light - Most vehicles will have a specific light that looks like an outlined battery shape to alert you when there is a pressing issue with the battery. 

4. Corrosion - If you visually inspect your battery and notice a white, blue, or green-tinge gunk covering your battery terminals, then you are looking at battery corrosion. Corrosion is one of the leading causes of decreased battery life and performance, and it can ultimately kill your battery. Please clean it off and take your car to a professional inspection immediately.


If you notice declining signs with your vehicle battery, we invite you to Avid Autowerx for a more detailed vehicle inspection and battery test. Our certified techs can determine if a battery replacement is needed. Feel free to call us at (513) 657-2386 or visit our shop today in Cincinnati, OH.

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