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What are the Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter?

Have you ever noticed a rotten egg-like, sulfuric smell coming from your car's exhaust? Someone didn't leave a rotten egg inside your car. It's probably an issue with your vehicle's catalytic converter. It's either a faulty, old or generally bad catalytic converter. Your vehicle's catalytic converter typically works to reduce vehicle pollution by converting its emissions into non-harmful gasses.

Here are the common symptoms that might help you identify a bad catalytic converter.

Rattling Noise

Typically, your vehicle's catalytic converter features catalyst coated honeycomb meshes inside. A rattling sound usually results when these catalytic converter components break apart or collapse due to excessively rich fuel mixtures of an internally damaged or old catalytic converter. You may notice a more obvious rattle when starting your vehicle's engine, an issue that may worsen over time.

Reduced Engine Performance

An engine performance reduction is among the common initial symptoms associated with a vehicle's failing or bad catalytic converter. Since a catalytic converter is typically within your car's exhaust system, it can affect the engine's performance if it develops any issues. Take, for instance, a case of a clogged converter or a cracked one. Such a catalytic converter will restrict exhaust flow or leak harmful gasses, respectively.

Sulfur or Rotten Egg-Like Smell

A properly functioning catalytic converter converts hydrogen sulfide generated during engine combustion into an odorless sulfur dioxide. But if you notice your car producing a rotten egg-like, sulfuric smell from the exhaust system, its catalytic converter may be faulty.

Failed Emissions Test

In the United States of America, for your automobile to pass an emissions test in some states, it needs to undergo a diagnostic check of the engine's computer system. And in case the catalytic converter is bad, your vehicle's computer will store a trouble code. If the trouble code pops up, your car will have failed the emissions test, signifying a bad catalytic converter.

Bottom Line

In addition to the above bad catalytic converter symptoms, an illuminated Check Engine Light can also signify a failing or bad catalytic converter. Therefore, if you suspect that your vehicle's catalytic converter may be failing, or if you need catalytic converter repair, give Avid Autowerx, Inc. a call today!

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