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What You Need to Know About Your Car

What You Need to Know About Your Car

A car has thousands of different parts, functions, and features. Each car is different than each other from the engine type, how often it needs an oil change, and how much gas you can get per gallon. You don’t have to be a car expert and know everything about your car. Here are some very important and useful things to know about your car so you can keep it in the best condition and running longer. 

At the bare minimum, you should know the basics of your car. That includes the make, model,  year, and what kind of gas it takes. These are crucial in getting the right parts for your car like the windshield wiper size. Even if it’s a year off it can lead to a big issue if you put the wrong part in. You should also know where your vehicle identification number (VIN) is. You don’t have to have the 17 digit number memorized but you should know where it is, this number identifies your car's important details like manufacture date, engine sizes, make and model. 

A flat tire could happen at any moment, so it's important to know where your spare tire is on your car. Sometimes it’s not obviously attached to the back. Often times it's on the inside of the trunk or under your car. Familiarize yourself with the tools to change your tire too.

Another thing to know is how your brakes should feel, sound, look, and smell. If you feel vibrations or shaking when braking that means your brake pads are probably warped and need to be fixed. Your brakes shouldn’t smell or screech when being used either.  

The most important thing to know is knowing when your car needs an oil change and maintenance schedule is key to keeping your vehicle running longer and in peak performance. You can access this information in your owner's manual. If your mechanic suggests you replace your air filter listen to them, they aren’t trying to upsell you. You should replace your air filter about every six months to dirt doesn’t clog your engine. These aren’t suggestions but rather guidelines. You can also find the proper tire pressure for your vehicle and check it at home. 

By understanding these basic things about your car you can take better care of it and make it last longer. If you ever have questions or concerns about your vehicle stop into Avid Autowerx and we will help you out! Make your appointment today!


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