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Why a Ding Matters to Your Car

When it comes to most things, the wise among us say, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s what’s on the inside that counts, not the superficial. What does it matter if your car has a dent, but the engine remains mercifully unharmed by an accident?

But sometimes, it matters that things aren’t right. A scratch, a ding, or a dent all add up to a feeling that our faithful car is a little bit shabby. And that in turn has a surprising negative affect on how we treat our cars. 

Ignoring body damage to your car can lead to apathy. If you don’t believe your car is worth the bodywork to buff out a scratch or clear up ding, those are feelings that will affect the way you drive the car. 

This kind of apathy can lead to less-safe driving because the car is no longer 'protected' by you. You may take chances you would never take with your vehicle when it was new. 

This very same apathy results in deferring the scheduled maintenance your vehicle needs. This neglect then results in another car purchase, which costs money in the long run. There is a strong case for taking better care of your car as it will last you longer, and you'll spend less money when you own one car over a 10-12 year period instead of two vehicles, in which case you take a depreciation hit. Avoiding this fate with scheduled service is the cornerstone of preventative maintenance.

Consider getting your car’s dings and scratches taken care of, and at the very least, get quotes for the work. Beautifying your car makes the world more beautiful and makes you happier driving your car. Show your car some love if you can afford to! At Avid Autowerx we wish you the best and invite you to schedule service for your car at any time!


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