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Why Being a Green Shop Matters!

Why Being a Green Shop Matters!

We don’t often think of the environmental consequences of the shops to whom we give our business. Finding an automotive shop that cares just as much about the environment as you do means that they will do the worrying for you. We all want clean air to breathe and freshwater to drink from, finding a green repair shop near you will help the environment for years to come.

Many auto repair shops use solvent-based fluids and cleaners, which are harmful to both employees as well as the environment. There are other options out there, and a green-mechanic is in the know. Using water-based liquids and cleaners are risk-free and is not corrosive or damaging to your car.

A green shop can employ the resources to recycle products like antifreeze and refrigerant gasses without harming the environment. The entire facility is environmentally sensitive. They also purchase spray products over aerosols whenever possible.

Reconditioned car parts are an excellent choice when thinking of environmentally friendly options. Keeping old parts out of the landfill and on the road keeps the production of new parts to a minimum. It is much better to refurbish your old parts, including batteries, brakes, and other items, such as electrical components.

Reusing waste oils is a method used by green shops. By taking the waste oil and using it to heat the shop, fewer carbon emissions are released into the air. Within the shop itself, cleanliness is vital. The importance of cleaning up spills immediately and using contained cleaners is part of the green commitment.

A green shop participates in basic practices such as buying in bulk. By purchasing in bulk, there is less paperwork involved. Recycling paper, plastic, and glass is part of the game, as well as installing energy-efficient lights and monitoring water consumption. 

Although there is no way to eliminate contaminants within the automotive repair industry, we can choose to do our part by minimizing the impact upon the environment. Together, we can work to help our beautiful planet.

When your vehicle needs attention, and you are looking for an eco-friendly alternative, turn to the pros at Avid Autowerx who are always keeping up with the latest trends, technology, and training in the auto repair industry. At Avid Autowerx, we not only care about your vehicle but also your safety and your bank account. We never do any unnecessary work on your car and save you money and headaches whenever possible with regular maintenance. Make your appointment today!


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