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Why Does My Car Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

Why Does My Car Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

That distinct, often unbearable, smell of rotten eggs...we've all experienced and it isn't pleasant. However, it isn't typically something you smell in your car. Unless you've left a dozen eggs in your car for a week and forgot about it, a smell of rotten eggs in your vehicle is a sign that something isn't right.

So, what causes this rotten egg smell? It is actually the scent of sulfur, which is present in a small amount in your vehicle's fuel. During the emissions process, sulfur is converted into an odorless sulfur dioxide. If you're smelling the sulfur, this indicates that something went amiss during this process. 

Something happened during the combustion process that didn't convert the sulfur properly. Let's look at some of the most common mishaps that can cause this: 

  • A failing catalytic converter - The catalytic converter is a vital component of the exhaust system. It ensures that harmful gases created during the combustion process are converter into less harmful gases before they are emitted from your car. A broken catalytic converter means you may be breathing in harmful gases and letting harmful gases into the atmosphere. Plus, your vehicle will not pass any type of emissions testing. This needs to be taken care of, ASAP!
  • A dirty fuel filter or failing fuel pressure sensor - If the fuel pressure sensor isn't working correctly, it will end up clogging the catalytic converter with too much oil. This will prevent it from being able to properly do its conversion job. A dirty fuel filter can also lead to similar problems as an influx of sulfur deposits are being burned up in the converter.
  • Old transmission fluid - A vehicle running on old transmission fluid can also cause a rotten eggs scent. It is typically cause when the transmission fluid starts to leak and is burning atop other components. Transmission fluid should be inspected and replaced according to manufacturer recommendations. 

If you're smelling rotten eggs in your car, air freshener is not going to do the trick. As soon as you recognize this lingering putrid smell, its important to get your vehicle into the experts here at Avid Autowerx. Repairing the issue as soon as possible will prevent the problem from progressing and costly you more money to repair. Give us a call or stop by Avid Autowerx today! 

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