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Why has my Car's Fuel Efficiency Decreased?

Getting low fuel efficiency can be more than just an annoyance - it can be an indication of a major issue with your vehicle. After driving your vehicle for a number of years, chances are you are well accustomed to how much mileage you get per gallon, or at least how often you have to fill up your tank. If you find yourself having to get gas more often even though you drive the same route every day, there may be something wrong with your car. 

Many different vehicle issues can cause a decrease in fuel efficiency, some small and some larger. Your fuel system works like this: you put fuel into your gas tank, which helps to power your vehicle. The fuel is taken from the tank and mixed with air and vaporized in the engine intake system. Next, it is compressed in the engine cylinder and ignited which is what makes energy to move the pistons. When the fuel system is working optimally, you will receive the best fuel efficiency from your vehicle. 

Here are some of the common reasons why your vehicle may have decreased in gas mileage: 

  • Dirty oxygen sensor, which measures how much air is in the emissions from your exhaust system. A bad sensor can can lead to low gas mileage. 
  • Dirty fuel injectors, which can lead to low acceleration and power due to lack of fuel being added into the engine. 
  • Bad spark plugs can cause misfiring and bad fuel efficiency 
  • Misaligned tires or under inflated tires
  • Defective fuel pump
  • Clogged fuel filter

All of the problems listed above can cause you to receive less gas mileage. If you are experiencing this issue, don't hesitate to give us a call here at Avid Autowerx or stop by our shop. We will address your concerns and perform a complete inspection to determine the exact reason behind your vehicle's decrease in fuel efficiency. 

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