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Why Is My Car Heater Blowing Cool Air?

Having a working A/C in your vehicle is nice, but having cool air in the winter is not necessary. During this time of year, we look forward to our car heaters warming us up in the morning on the way to work. If your car heater is blowing cool air instead of warm, it means that your vehicle is due for some repairs. Read on to learn about common car heater problems.

What Are the Most Common Heater Issues in Cars?

Faulty Thermostat – The thermostat monitors your engine’s temperature, which is where most of your heater gets warm air from. When you hop in your car, it should read “C” as your engine hasn’t been given enough time to warm up. However, a broken thermostat that is stuck in the cool zone causes a lack of coolant to flow. When this happens, your vehicle may lack cabin heating and be at risk of engine overheating. Please be careful and get immediate repairs.
Broken Heater Core – The heater core is the number one component that allows heat to travel through your vents. If there is a clog in the core, it can cause cold air to blow instead of warm. If your defrosters aren’t working either and it isn’t a thermostat problem, you should check the heater core.

Low on Antifreeze/Coolant – Another place to check when your heater isn’t working is your vehicle’s coolant/antifreeze. You can pop your hood and check your coolant fluid levels yourself. If it’s noticeably low, or you spot signs of a leak, be sure to bring your car to our shop for repairs.

Damaged Heater Buttons or Dials – Last but not least, the buttons and switches to adjust the temperature inside your car can be broken. As a result, you may not be able to switch between cold or warm air.  

These are only several of the many issues that can go wrong with your vehicle’s heating. Regardless, you should bring your vehicle to Avid Autowerx for a proper diagnosis. Otherwise, driving in freezing temperatures can be very uncomfortable.

If your car heater is blowing cold air, let us restore your vehicle’s heating. Avid Autowerx is the best auto repair shop in the Cincinnati area.

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