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Winter Emergency Car Kit

Winter weather heightens your chances of an accident due to slick road conditions. And you never quite know when a storm is going to hit that'll leave you stranded on the road, nor do you know if something might happen to your vehicle that'll leave you stuck. While you hope nothing happens, the best way to prepare for this is through a winter emergency car kit.


Minimize the time you need to run your vehicle and stay warm when the temperatures outside are freezing by having items in your car for warmth. Carry blankets, warm clothing, and gloves with you at all times throughout the winter.


Have non-perishable food items handy to satisfy your hunger until you can get help. Keep a few bottles of water in your car to prevent dehydration. Even if you don't get stuck in the weather, these can be handy if the weather elongates your travel time. Just remember to restock them as you deplete them.


Pack a tool kit in your vehicle with you throughout the winter that includes the basics, such as a few types of screwdrivers, a socket set, and wrenches. A tire iron, jack, and spare tire can be useful if you have a flat. Since you're more prone to have a dead battery in winter, have a set of jumper cables available, too.

Flashlight and Extra Batteries

If you get stuck at night, a flashlight and some extra batteries can come in handy. You'll be able to see to fix your vehicle and won't need to turn on your vehicle's lights and risk draining them.

Another step you can take to prepare your car for winter is to give Avid Autowerx, Inc. a call, so we can make any necessary repairs to your vehicle before you head out this season.


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